HL Deb 23 April 1861 vol 162 cc971-2

wished to ask his noble Friend, the Colonial Secretary, Whether the papers he had formerly referred to on the Ionian Islands were forthcoming? and to make himself quite regular he would now move for them. He desired to take that opportunity of correcting a complete misunderstanding which prevailed in the Ionian Islands as to what took place when the subject was last discussed in this House. Since he spoke on that occasion he had received the copy of a letter addressed by Signor Dandolo to Earl Grey, in which the Signor gave a great deal of credit to himself (the Marquess of Normanby) and Earl Grey for advocating the cause of the Ionians in that House. Now, it would be in the recollection of their Lordships that he had done no such thing; that, on the contrary, addressing his noble Friend (the Duke of Newcastle) he expressed his hope that Her Majesty's Government would resist every attempt to deprive the Crown of the Protectorate of the Ionian Islands. The noble Marquess concluded by moving an address for "Copy of Papers and Correspondence in reference to or in connection with the Prorogation of the Legislative Assembly of the Ionian Islands on the 12th day of March, 1861."


said, that he had promised to produce these papers; but, finding that a Member of the other House had moved for them, he had requested his noble Friend (the Marquess of Normanby) to move for them in the usual way, as it seemed somewhat irregular that they should be produced on Motion in the one House and presented by command in the other. He should be sorry that any misapprehension should exist in the Ionian Islands as to the intentions of Her Majesty's Government, and would, therefore, take that opportunity of repeating that there existed no intention whatever on the part of this country of withdrawing from the responsibilities which were imposed upon us by the treaties of Vienna.