HL Deb 12 March 1860 vol 157 c335

"Conference had at the Desire of the Commons upon the subject Matter of an Address to be presented to Her Majesty respecting the Treaty of Commerce with France; and Report made, That the Commons had agreed to the following Address to be presented to Her Majesty, to which they desire the Concurrence of their Lordships: Most Gracious Sovereign, We Your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Subjects, the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled, having considered the Treaty of Commerce concluded between Your Majesty and the Emperor of the French, beg leave to approach Your Majesty with our sincere and grateful Acknowledgments for this new Proof of Your Majesty's Desire to promote the Welfare and Happiness of Your Subjects: We shall proceed to take such Steps as may be necessary for giving Effect to a system which, we trust, will promote a beneficial Intercourse between Great Britain and France, tend to the Extension of Trade and Manufacture, and give additional Security for the continuance of the Blessings of Peace.

Lords summoned for Thursday next. The Lord Taunton to move to agree with the Commons in the Address to Her Majesty on the Subject of the Treaty of Commerce with France, and to fill up the Blank in that Address with ('Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and').