HL Deb 17 August 1857 vol 147 c1711

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Consolidated Fund Appropriation; Militia pay; Probates and Letters of Administration (Ireland); Mutiny (East India); Joint Stock Companies Act (1856) Amendment; Parochial Schoolmasters (Scotland) (No. 2).

3a Lunatics (Scotland); Burial Acts Amendment; Boundaries of Burghs Extension (Scotland); Married Women's Reversionary Interest.

COMMISSION.—The following Bills received the Royal Assent: County Court Judges (Falconer and Yates's Salaries); Superannuation Act Amendment; Boundaries of Land (Ireland); General Board of Health Continuance; Attornies and Solicitors (Colonial Courts); Illicit Distillation (Ireland); Loan Societies; Burial Grounds (Scotland) Act (1855) Amendment; Summary Proceedings before Justices of the Peace; Glebe Lands (Ireland); Banking; Crown, &c. Suits (Scotland); Land Tax Commissioners Names; Industrial Schools; Municipal Corporations; Fraudulent Trustees, &c.; New Zealand Loan Guarantee; New Zealand Company's Claims; New Zealand Government Act Amendment.