HL Deb 21 July 1856 vol 143 c1064

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Sheep, &c. Contagious Diseases Prevention; Hospitals (Dublin; Burial-grounds (Ireland); Lunatic Asylums (Superannuations) (Ireland); Joint-Stock Banks; Criminal Procedure; Accessories, &c. Offences of a Public Nature; Treason and Offences against the State; Forgery; Malicious Injuries to Property; Offences against Property; Offences against the Person.

2a Consolidation Fund (Appropriation); Income and Land Taxes; Stamp Duties; Racehorse Duty; Coast-guard Service; Corrupt Practices Prevention; General Board of Health Continuance; Militia Pay; Cursitor Baron of the Exchequer; Lunatic A sylums Act Amendment; Deeds (Scotland); Judicial Procedure, &c. (Scotland); Criminal Justice; Poor Law Amendment (Scotland); Court of Appeal in Chancery (Ireland).

3a Court of Chancery (Ireland) (Receivers); Coatham Marriages Validity; Indemnity; Nuisances Removal, &c (Scotland); Episcopal and Capitular Estates Continuance; Customs (No. 2); Railways Act (Ireland) 1851, Continuance; Turnpike Acts Continuance (Ireland); Bishops of London and Durham Retirement.

ROYAL ASSENT—Church Building Commission; Court of Exchequer (Scotland); Saint Sepulchre's Manor (Dublin); Mercantile Law Amendment (Scotland); Registration of Voters (Scotland); Revenue (Transfer of Charges); Survey of Great Britain, &c.; Drainage (Ireland); Grand Juries (Ireland); Statutes not in Use Repeal; Dwellings for Labouring Classes (Ireland); Aldershot Camp; Incumbered Estates (Ireland); Prisons (Ireland); Police (Counties and Boroughs).