HL Deb 06 July 1855 vol 139 cc516-7

On the Question that this Bill be read a Third Time with the Amendments,


expressed the satisfaction he felt at the alteration which had been made in that part of the Bill affecting the payment of funeral money for children, considering the horror and dismay which a few years ago had been created throughout the country in consequence of the inhuman crimes that were committed for the sake of such payments. The Bill, as now altered, would go down to the House of Commons with the full sanction of all the legal authorities in their Lordships' House, and it was of importance to know that in the change which had been made no reflection was cast upon any particular class of people in this country.


was highly gratified at the alteration which had been made in the Bill. It was impossible to forget the horror which a few years ago seized the country, when it was proved to the satisfaction of Judges and juries that there were wretches who put children to death for the sake of the money that was paid by societies for their interment. He believed the clause in the present Bill relating to such transactions was framed more skilfully, and would operate more effectually than the clause in the former Friendly Societies Act.


hoped the clause would be attended with the most salutary effects, and observed that it would be a great mistake to suppose that it was a restriction upon any particular class of the community.


thought it was but just to his hon. Friend who had carried the Bill through the other House of Parliament, to say that he had not neglected this im- portant point. There was a clause in the Bill regulating payments on the death of a child, but it was not thought sufficient to insure the safety of the children of all classes of the community; and, accordingly, the alteration referred to had taken place, an alteration which he hoped would operate most beneficially.

Bill read 3a, with Amendments; further Amendments made; Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.

House adjourned to Monday next.