HL Deb 11 August 1855 vol 139 c2122

Commons Amendments considered (according to Order).


, in moving that their Lordships do agree to the Commons' Amendments on this Bill, said he could not do so without expressing his very great regret that many of the most, essential provisions of the Bill had been rejected by the other, House of Parliament, in its altered, not to say mutilated state, the Bill came very far short of the advantages which would have been derived from it had it passed in the shape in which it was sent down to the ether House. He felt, however, that at that period of the Session, the best thing they could do would be to take what they could get, and with that feeling he begged to move that the Commons' Amendments be agreed to.

Moved, to agree to the said. Amendments.


deplored that the Bill had been mutilated in the other House, and though some service might be derived, from it, that service would be trifling indeed when compared to what would have resulted from it if it had passed in its original shape.


expressed a hope, that early next Session the Government would endeavour to carry through Parliament the provisions that had been rejected in the other House.


pointed out a great hardship which would still be imposed upon the Commissioners. Those functionaries, who fulfilled those duties with great zeal, found, in nine cases out of ten, they were unable to be as useful as they might be, solely on account of their limited powers.

Motion agreed to.

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