HL Deb 24 July 1854 vol 135 c535

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Borough Rates; Sale of Beer, &c.; Reformatory Schools (Scotland); Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Stock in Trade Exemption; Inclosure, &c., of Land; Common, &c., Rights (Ordnance); Friendly Societies (No. 2); Spirits (Ireland); Burials beyond the Metropolis; Admiralty Court; Land Revenues of the Crown (Ireland); Highways (Public Health Act); Education in Corporate Towns.

2a Public Libraries; Parochial Schoolmasters (Scotland); Registration of Births, &c. (Scotland); Youthful Offenders; Usury Laws Repeal; Returning Officers; Turnpike Acts Continuance, &c.; Convict Prisons (Ireland); Jury Trials (Scotland); Indian Appointments, &c.; Real Estate Charges; Royal Military Asylum; Poor Law Commission Continuance (Ireland); Heritable Securities (Scotland); National Gallery, &c. (Dublin).

Reported—Public Revenue and Consolidated Fund Charges; Registration of Bills of Sale (Ireland); Jamaica Loan; Sheriff and Sheriff Clerk of Chancery (Scotland); Joint Stock Banks (Scotland); Crime and Outrage (Ireland).

3a Marriages (Mexico); Highway Rates; Turnpike Trusts Arrangements; General Board of Health; Acknowledgment of Deeds by Married Women.

Royal Assent—Gaming Houses; Indemnity; Insurance on Lives (Abatement of Income Tax) Continuance; Poor Law Board Continuance; Turnpike Acts Continuance (Ireland); Union Charges Continuance; Holyhead Harbours; Linen, &c., Manufactures (Ireland); Ecclesiastical Courts; Commons Inclosure; Dublin Carriage; New Forest; Savings Banks; Middlesex Industrial Schools.