HL Deb 12 December 1854 vol 136 cc1-3

being seated on the Throne, and the Commons being at the Bar, with their Speaker, HER MAJESTY was pleased to make a most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, as follows:—

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"I HAVE called you together at this unusual Period of the Year, in order that by your Assistance I may take such Measures as will enable Me to prosecute the great War in which we are engaged with the utmost Vigour and Effect.

"THIS Assistance I know will be readily given; for I cannot doubt that you share My Conviction of the Necessity of sparing no Effort to augment My Forces now engaged in the Crimea. The Exertions they have made, and the Victories they have obtained, are not exceeded in the brightest Pages of our History, and have filled Me with Admiration and Gratitude.

"THE hearty and efficient Co-operation of the brave Troops of My Ally The Emperor of the French, and the Glory acquired in common, cannot fail to cement still more closely the Union which happily subsists between the Two Nations.

"IT is with Satisfaction I inform you, that, together with The Emperor of the French, I have concluded a Treaty of Alliance with The Emperor of Aus- tria, from which I anticipate important Advantages to the common Cause.

"I HAVE also concluded a Treaty with the United States of America, by which Subjects of long and difficult Discussion have been equitably adjusted.

"THESE Treaties will be laid before you.

"ALTHOUGH the Prosecution of the War will naturally engage your chief Attention, I trust that other Matters of great Interest and Importance to the general Welfare will not be neglected.

"I REJOICE to observe that the general Prosperity of My Subjects remains uninterrupted.

"THE State of the Revenue affords Me entire Satisfaction; and I trust that by your Wisdom and Prudence you will continue to promote the Progress of Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufactures.

"Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

"IN the Estimates which will be presented to you I trust you will find that ample Provision has been made for the Exigencies of the Public Service.

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"I RELY with Confidence on your Patriotism and public Spirit. I feel assured that in the momentous Contest in which we are engaged you will exhibit to the World the Example of a united People. Thus shall we obtain the Respect of other Nations, and may trust that, by the Blessing of God, we shall bring the War to a successful Termination."

HER MAJESTY then retired.

House adjourned during pleasure.

House resumed.