HL Deb 20 August 1853 vol 129 cc1824-7

The PARLIAMENT was this day prorogued by Commission.


, namely, the Lord Chancellor (Lord Cranworth, the Lord President of the Council (Earl Granville), the Lord Privy Seal (the Duke of Argyll), the Lord Chamberlain (the Marquess of Breadalbane), and the Secretary of State for the Colonies (the Duke of Newcastle), being seated at the foot of the Throne, and the COMMONS preceded by their Speaker being present, the ROYAL ASSENT was given to several Bills.


, on behalf of the LORDS COMMISSIONERS, then delivered the following Speech:

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"WE are commanded by Her Majesty to release you from your Attendance in Parliament, and at the same Time to express Her Majesty's cordial Approbation of the Zeal and Assiduity with which, during a protracted and laborious Session, you have applied yourselves to the Consideration of many Subjects of great Importance to the Public Welfare.

"HER Majesty has seen with much Satisfaction that, by the Remission and Reduction of Taxes which tended to cramp the Operations of Trade and Industry, you have given fresh Extension to a System of beneficent Legislation, and have largely increased the Means of obtaining the Necessaries of Life.

"THE Provision which you have made for meeting the Demands of the Public Service, not only in the present but also in future Years, is of a Nature to give permanent Stability to our Finances, and thereby to aid in consolidating the Strength and Resources of the Empire.

"THE buoyant State of the Revenue and the steady Progress of our Foreign Trade are Proofs of the Wisdom of the Commercial Policy now firmly established; while the Prosperity which pervades the great Trading and producing Classes, happily without even a partial Exception, affords continued and increasing Evidence of the enlarged Comforts of the People.

"THE Measure which you have passed for the future Government of India has been readily sanctioned by Her Majesty, in the Persuasion that it will prove to have been wisely framed, and that it is well calculated to promote the Improvement and Welfare of Her Majesty's Eastern Dominions.

"HER Majesty regards with peculiar Satisfaction the Provision you have made for the better Administration of Charitable Trusts. The Obstacles which existed to the just and beneficial Use of Property set apart for Purposes of Charity and of Edu- cation have been a serious public Evil, to which Her Majesty is persuaded that in your Wisdom you have now applied an efficient Remedy.

"Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

"WE are commanded by Her Majesty to thank you for the Supplies which you have granted for the Service of the present Year, and for the Provision which you have made for the Defence of the Country both by Sea and Land. Her Majesty will apply them with a due Regard to Economy, and consistently with that Spirit which has at all Times made our National Security the chief Object of Her Care.

"My Lords, and Gentlemen,

"HER Majesty commands us to in-from you, that She continues to receive from Her Allies the Assurance of their unabated Desire to cultivate tho most Friendly Relations with this Country.

"IT is with deep Interest and Concern that Her Majesty has viewed the serious Misunderstanding which has recently arisen between Russia and the Ottoman Porte.

"THE Emperor of the French has united with Her Majesty in earnest Endeavours to reconcile Differences, the Continuance of which might involve Europe in War.

"ACTING in concert with Her Allies, and relying on the Exertions of the Conference now assembled at Vienna, Her Majesty has good Reason to hope that an honourable Arrangement will speedily be accomplished.

"HER Majesty rejoices to be able to announce to you the Termination of the War on the Frontiers of the Settlement of the Cape of Good Hope; and She trusts that the Establishment of Representative Government in that Colony may lead to the Development of its Resources, and enable it to make efficient Provision for its future Defence.

"WE are also commanded to congratulate you that by the united Exertions of the Naval and Military Forces of Her Majesty and of the East India Company, the War in Burmah has been brought to an honourable and successful Issue; the Objects of the War having been fully attained, due Submission made by the Burmese Government, Peace has been proclaimed.

"HER Majesty contemplates, with grateful Satisfaction and Thankfulnes to Almighty God, the Tranquillity which prevails throughout Her Dominions, together with that peaceful Industry and Obedience to the Laws which ensure the Welfare of all Classes of Her Subjects. It is the first Desire of Her Majesty to promote the Advance of every social Improvement, and, with the Aid of your Wisdom, still further to extend the Prosperity and Happiness of Her People."

Then a Commission for proroguing the Parliament was read.

After which the LORD CHANCELLOR said—


"By virtue of Her Majesty's Commission, under the Great seal, to us and other Lords directed, and now read, we do, in Her Majesty's Name and in obedience to Her Commands prorogue this Parliament to Thursday the Twenty-seventh Day of October next, to be then here holden; and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Thursday the Twenty-seventh Day of October next."

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