HL Deb 16 August 1853 vol 129 c1752

PUBLIC BILLS.—2a Consolidated Fund Appropriation; Militia Tax; Land Tax Redemption Act Amendment; South Sea and other Annuities, Provision for Payment, &c.; Apprehension of Offenders Act Amendment; Betting Houses; Commons Inclosure (No. 3); Female Convicts; Loan Societies; Marriages, Holy Trinity Church, Hulme, Validity; Friendly Societies; Copyhold, &c. Commission Continuance; Metropolitan Sewers Acts Continuance; Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

Reported.—Land Tax Commissioners Names; Defacing the Coin; Linen, &c. Manufactures (Ireland); Militia Ballots Suspension and Militia Law Amendment; Smoke Nuisance Abatement (Metropolis); Stock in Trade Exemption; Customs Tariff Act; Customs Consolidation Act.

3a South Sea Company's Arrangement and Trusts; Merchant Shipping; Drainage of Lands (Ireland) Act Amendment; Universities (Scotland); Employment of Children in Factories; Public Works Acts Amendment (Ireland).