HL Deb 28 April 1853 vol 126 cc663-4

Amendments reported (according to order).


proposed a Clause giving compensation to certain clerks employed in the registering of judgments in the office of the Master of the Crown.


said, he wished to correct a misapprehension of what had fallen from him on a former occasion in regard to this Bill. He had been represented as saying that he agreed in the alterations proposed by his noble Friend:—but what he did say was, that neither in that nor the present stage of the Bill did he intend to offer any opposition to the measure, but that all his objections remained entirely as before. He objected to what his noble Friend now proposed. When he (Lord St. Leonards) introduced a Bill for the registering of judgments and such like matters, which Bill had worked admirably well, he took care to give to the Master of the Crown Office the new office created under that Bill, and which had turned out a lucrative one. This Bill, which would put the landed interest, to an enormous extent, now proposed to take power to transfer that particular office, which was working exceedingly well, to a new office, and to give out of the Consolidated Fund compensation to the person who now held that office. As that office was a highly productive one, it would require a great many thousands to satisfy the holder in the way of compensation. His noble and learned Friend now proposed that the clerks in that office should have compensation. He (Lord St. Leonards) objected to such a proposal. What possible claim could a common clerk have for the loss of an office? He was removable at an hour's notice, and was not afterwards prevented from following his occupation as a clerk elsewhere.

Clause agreed to; further Amendments made; and Bill to be read 3ª on Monday next.