HL Deb 02 June 1851 vol 117 cc334-5

having presented many petitions from Ireland against Papal Aggression, and praying that Ireland may be included in any measure for the suppression thereof,


protested against the practice of considering these petitions as the expression of the unanimous opinion of the people of Ireland. The forms of the House allowed parties to petition against what was at present called Papal Aggression, but did not allow parties to petition the House against the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill, which was intended to repel that aggression, inasmuch as it was not yet, and he hoped it never would be, before their Lordships. Petitions of a nature contrary to that of the petitions presented by the noble Earl could not be received; and he mentioned the fact that the people out of doors might not suppose that there was unanimity on this subject in Ireland. He assured their Lordships that there was a strong feeling of unanimity in that coun- try against the Bill in the other House, and, indeed, against any measure that would interfere with the free exercise of the Roman Catholic religion in Ireland.