HL Deb 29 July 1851 vol 118 c1637

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Medical Charities (Ireland); Lands Clauses Consolidation (Ireland).

2a Ecclesiastical Property Valuation (Ireland); Poor Relief Act Continuance; Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).

Reported.—United Church of England and Ireland; Leasehold Tenure of Land (Ireland)Act Amendment; Militia Pay; Soap Duties.

3a Local Acts (Preliminary Inquiries); Charitable Institutions Notices; Commons Inclosure (No. 2); Copyhold, Inclosure, and Tithe Commissions; Episcopal and Capitular Estates Managements (No. 2); Smithfield Market Removal; Civil Bills, & (Ireland); Chimney Sweepers Regulation Act Amendment; Ecclesiastical Titles Assumption Bill.