HL Deb 02 May 1850 vol 110 cc1089-90

My Lords, I rise for the purpose of calling your attention to a subject, which I know that your Lordships will be of opinion ought to have precedence before every other business. Your Lordships will anticipate that I allude to the event which occurred yesterday morning, and which, though it must he a subject of congratulation to the public in every part of the country, can nowhere be a subject of higher congratulation than to your Lordships assembled in this House. It has been my good fortune to call the attention of your Lordships more than once to a similar event; and on all such occasions I found that ready response from your Lordships which I expect to receive on the present occasion. Under such circumstances it would be a waste of words to say more than this—that every passing year of Her Majesty's reign—that all the circumstances of the country—that every incident connected with Her Majesty's family, servo only to increase the anxious desire which your Lordships feel on all occasions to testify your satisfaction at any accession to that family, and at any addition to the happiness of Her Majesty the Queen. I therefore beg leave, my Lords, to propose— That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, to congratulate Her Majesty on the Birth of another Prince, and to assure Her Majesty that every addition to Her Majesty's domestic Happiness affords the most sincere Satisfaction to this House.


I rise, my Lords, on my own behalf, and on behalf of all those noble Lords with whom I am connected, to express the concurrence which we all feel in the sentiments so well expressed by my noble Friend opposite, the President of the Council, and to state that we are all grateful to that All-wise Providence who has watched over and preserved Her Majesty in her recent trials. I heartily join in this address of congratulation.

The Question agreed to, nemine dissentiente.

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