HL Deb 14 August 1850 vol 113 c1068

PUBLIC BILLS.—3a Spitalfields and Shoreditch New Street; Transfer of Improvement Loans (Ireland); Law Fund Duties (Ireland); Savings Banks (Ireland); General Board of Health (No. 3) Consolidated Fund Appropriation.

Royal Assent.—Duke of Cambridge's Annuity; Marlborough House; County Court Extension; Navy Pay; Borough Bridges; Public Libraries and Museums; Elections (Ireland); Parliamentary Voters (Ireland); Equivalent Company's Annuity Redemption; Canterbury Set- tlement Lands; Registration of Deeds (Ireland); Excise Sugar and Licences; Commons Inclosure (No. 2); Borough Courts of Record (Ireland); Deanery of St. Burian Division; Sheep and Cattle Contagious Disorders Prevention Continuance; Court of Chancery (Ireland); Fees (Court of Common Pleas) (No. 2); Manchester Bonding (Amendment of Act); Turnpike Acts Continuance,&c. (No. 2); Fisheries; Grand Jury Cess (Ireland); General Board of Health (No. 2); Municipal Corporations (Ireland) (No. 2); Cruelty to Animals (Scotland); National Gallery (Edinburgh); Mercantile Marine (No. 2); Registrar of Judgments Office (Ireland); Engines for taking Fish (Ireland); Ecclesiastical Commission; Railways Abandonment; Bencfices in Plurality; Small Tenements Rating; Inspection of Coal Mines; Borough Gaols; Police Superannuation Fund; Summary Jurisdiction (Ireland); Poor Relief; London Bridge Approaches Fund; Crime and Outrage Act (Ireland) Continuance; Customs; Assizes (Ireland); Stamp Duties (No. 2); Assessed Taxes Composition; Union of Liberties with Counties; Law of Copyright of Design Amendment; Westminster Temporary Bridge.