HL Deb 20 March 1849 vol 103 c1028

PETITIONS PRESENTED, By the Earl of Erne, from High Wycombe and Nottingham, for Discontinuance of Grants of Money for the Temples in India.—From Lichfield, for an Increase in the Number of Bishops, and for a Change in the Mode of Appointing them.—From Honiton, for the Adoption of such Measures as shall secure to Clergymen Seceding from the Church, the full Benefits of the Acts of Toleration.—From Uxbridge Moor, for the Adoption of Measures for the Suppression of Seduction and Prostitution; also, that Article 11, Sec. 3, Cap. 2, may be expunged from the Criminal Law Consolidation Bill.—From Carlow and Dunboe, against the proposed Rate in Aid, and for the Amendment of the Poor Law (Ireland).—By Lord Brougham, from the Metropolitan and Provincial Law Association, that the further progress of the Bankrupt Law Consolidation Bill may be Postponed until after Easter.—From Bury, Lancaster, against any Measure for the Endowment of the Roman Catholic Priesthood (Ireland); also against the Present System of National Education (Ireland).—From Dublin, that Lords of Parliament will no longer claim their Privilege of Exemption from Arrest of Debt.—By the Earl of Harrowby, from several Congregations of Protestant Dissenters, against the Granting of any new Licences to Beer Shops.