HL Deb 05 March 1849 vol 103 c157

PUBLIC BILLS.—Outdoor Paupers.

2a Commons Inclosure; Vice-Guardians of Unions (Ireland); Relief of Distress (Ireland); Buckingham Summer Assizes.

Reported.—Larceny Acts Amendment.

3a Marriage (Scotland); Registering Births, &c. (Scotland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Duke of Richmond, the Earl of Eglintoun, and the Earl of Aberdeen, from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and a number of other Places, against the Marriage (Scotland) Bill; also from the same Places, against the Registering Births, &c. (Scotland) Bill.—From Carrickmacross and Nenagh, against the Imposition of a Rate in Aid of certain Distressed Unions in Ireland.—From Rothesay, against the Repeal of the Navigation Laws.—From Trowbridge, for the Adoption of Measures for the Suppression of Seduction and Prostitution.