HL Deb 05 June 1849 vol 105 c1138

PUBLIC BILLS.—!" Incumbered Estates (Ireland).

Reported,—Bankrupt Law Consolidation.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lord Stafford, from Chichester, for Extending the Jurisdiction of County Courts.—By Lord Stanhope, from Almondbury and Lockwood, against Granting any New Licenses to Beer Shops; also from Arderley, for an Alteration in the Poor Law.—From Pudsey and Dover, against the Sale of intoxicating Liquors on Sundays.—From Birmingham, for a Restoration of the ancient Standard of 1816 respecting the Price of Gold and Silver.—By Lords Campbell and Brougham, from Glasgow, Plymouth, Manchester, and several Manufacturing Towns, in favour of the Bankrupt Law Consolidation Bill.