HL Deb 27 July 1849 vol 107 c1016

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Boroughs Relief; Workhouse Loans (Ireland); Slave Trade (Persian Gulf).

2a Defects in Leases Suspension; Railways Abandonment; Turnpike Acts Continuance; Stamp, &c. Allowances; Treasury Instruments; Customs; Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention; General Board of Health; Metropolitan Sewers; Consolidated Fund (Appropriation).

Reported—Dublin Improvement; Pilotage; New Forest and Waltham Forest; Municipal Corporations (Ireland); Collection of Rates (Dublin).

3a Bankruptcy (Ireland); Judgments (Ireland); Petty Bag, &c. Offices Amendment; London Corporation.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Earl Fortescue, from Plymouth and Dalkeith, in favour of the Clergy Relief Bill.—By Lord Stanley, from Bath and Wells, for an Alteration in the Management of Educational Grants; also from Tipperary, for Protection from unrestricted Foreign Competition; also from Kingston-upon-Hull, against the Pilotage Bill.—By Lord Redesdale, from Canterbury, against the Stamp, &c. Allowances Bill.—By the Earl of Rochester, from Chelmsford, against the Granting any New Licenses to Beer Shops.—By Earl Fitzhardinge, from Bristol, for the Abolition of Intramural Interments.