HL Deb 13 July 1849 vol 107 c288

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Trustees Relief; Newgate Gaol (Dublin).

2a Pupils Protection (Scotland); House of Lords Costs Taxation; Poor Relief (Ireland); Attorneys and Solicitors (Ireland).

Reported,—Sequestrators Remedies; General and Quarter Sessions Courts Procedure.

3a Consolidated Fund.

Received the Royal Assent.—Passengers; Small Debts Act Amendment; Highways (Annual Returns); County Cess (Ireland): Loan Societies; Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Soap Duty Allowances; Assaults (Ireland); Silver Coinage; Sheriff of Westmoreland.

PETITIONS PRESRNTED, By the Earl of Harrowby, from Liverpool, and other Places, against the Granting of any New Licenses to Beer Shops, and against any Alteration in the Law of Marriage; also from Cork, against certain Clauses in the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.