HL Deb 26 April 1849 vol 104 c850

PUBLIC BILLS.—2a Leasehold Tenure of Lands (Ireland). Reported.—Smoke Prohibition.

3a Grants of Land (New South Wales); St. John's, Newfoundland Rebuilding.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Earl of Mountcashell, from Hounslow, Tewkesbury, and a Number of other Places, for the Suppression of Seduction and Prostitution.—By the Earl of Eglinton, from the Royal Burghs of Scotland, to be provided with the Means of Recovering Money advanced for the Support of Irish Paupers.—By Lord Campbell, from Aberdeen and Balbeggie, that Clergymen Seceding from the Church may be secured the full Benefits of the Acts of Toleration; and likewise for the immediate Liberation of Mr. Shore.—By the Earl of Carlisle, from Huddersfield, and other Places, against the Granting of any New Licenses to Beer Shops.