HL Deb 20 July 1848 vol 100 c581

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Consolidated Fund; Corn Markets (Ireland); Administration of Criminal Justice; West India Islands Relief; Naval Medical Supplemental Fund Society.

2a Trustees Relief (Ireland); Wolverhampton curacy.

3a and passed: Law of Entail (Scotland): Joint Stock Companies.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Distillers of Haddington, against any Alteration of the Differential Duties on Foreign and Colonial Spirits.—From Birmingham, that the Provisions of the Benefit Societies Act may be extended to the "Modern Masons."—From Halton, and other Places, against the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on the Sabbath.—From Bilston, that a Bill may he passed for the Relief of Holders of Copyhold Property.—From the Presbytery of Fordoun, against the Marriage (Scot-land), and the Registering Births, &e. (Scotland) Bills.—From Bute and Rothsay, for Facilitating the Attainment of Sites for Free Churches in Scotland.—From Manchester, in favour of the Sale of Beer Bill.