HL Deb 07 July 1848 vol 100 c229

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Canada Union Act Amendment.

2a Bankrupt Law Consolidation.

3a Imprisonment for Debt (Ireland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Edinburgh, and several other Places, against the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on the Sabbath.—From Maidstone, against the Admission of Jews into Parliament.—From Cheshunt, in favour of the Public Health Bill, but suggesting certain Alterations therein.—From an Odd Fellows' Lodge, at Gisburn, for the Extension of the Provisions of the Benefit Societies Act to that order.—From Members of the Congregation of Free Saint Luke's, Edinburgh, for Facilitating the Attainment of sites for Free churches in Scotland.—From Sussex, for the Adoption of Measures for the Re-formation of juvenile Offenders.—From the Presbytery of Weene, for the Introduction of an Additional clause into the Marriage (Scotland) Bill, and the Registering Births. &c. (Scotland) Bill.—From Guardians of the Okehampton Union, for the Adoption of Measures for the more Effectual Suppression of Vagrancy. From Saint Mary, Lambeth, for the Prevention of Sunday Trading.