HL Deb 22 August 1848 vol 101 cc374-5

moved that this Bill, the object of which was to regulate the times of payment of rates and taxes by Parliamentary electors, be read a third time; after which it was his intention to propose an amendment as to the period up to which the rates should be paid, to entitle parties to be on the list of voters. At present the Bill provided that all rates and taxes payable previously to the 11th day of October in the preceding year, should be paid on or before the 20th of July next following. This he had ascertained would interfere with the arrangements made by parishes for the collection of the rates, which were usually collected half-yearly; he, therefore, proposed that instead of those rates which should become payable previously to the 11th of October in the preceding year being required to be paid, all rates payable previously to the 5th of January in the same year should be actually paid before a person could be a registered voter. He hoped by this alteration to obviate the objection which was urged against the Bill on the second reading.


approved of the proposed Amendment. It was in accordance with one he himself suggested; but at the same time he objected to their Lordships being called upon to pass a measure of this importance at so late a period of the Session, especially as the second reading was carried only by a majority of four. It involved an alteration of the principle of the Reform Act, which it was admitted on all hands, ought not to be lightly touched. He moved, therefore, that the Bill be read a third time on that day six months.

Their Lordships divided on question, that the word "now" stand part of the Motion:—Contents 31; Not Contents 28: Majority 3.

Bill read 3a. Amendment made. Bill passed.