HL Deb 14 August 1848 vol 101 cc100-1

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Fisheries (Ireland); Turnpike Acts Continuance; Poor Law Union District Schools; Money Order Department (Post Office); Borough Incorporation.

2a Parliamentary Electors; Proclamations on Fines (Court of Common Pleas); Churches; Turnpike Roads (Ireland); Constabulary Force (Ireland).

Reported.—Unlawful Oaths Acts (Ireland) (Continuance and Amendment); Reproductive Loan Fund Institution (Ireland); Militia Ballots Suspension.

3a and passed:—Bankrupts' Release; Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Loan Societies; Highway Rates.

Royal Assent.—Rum Duties; Assignment of Ecclesiastical Districts; Land Tax Commissioners' Names; West India Islands Relief; Administration of Justice (No. 1); Administration of Justice (No. 2); Protection of Justices from Vexatious Actions; Administration of Criminal Justice; Canada Union Act Amendment; Joint Stock Companies; Salmon Breed Preservation; Paymaster's Offices Consolidation; Prisons; Sale of Beer Regulation; Naval Medical Supplemental Fund Society; Windsor Castle and Town Approaches Improvement; Regent's Quadrant Colonnade; Exchange of Advowsons in the Counties of Warwick and Stafford; Exchange of Ecclesiastical Patronage between Her Majesty and the Earl of Leicester; Public Works (Ireland) (No. 2); Evicted Destitute Poor (Ireland); Ecclesiastical Unions and Divisions of Parishes (Ireland); Incumbered Estates (Ireland); Juvenile Offenders (Ireland); Law of Entail (Scotland); Highland Roads and Bridges (Scotland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From the County of Mayo, and Derry and Raphoe, for the Amendment of the Poor Law, Ireland.—From Meath and Westmeath, for a Revision and New Arrangement of Electoral Divisions, Ireland.—From the Clergy of the Diocese of Armagh, that no Relaxation shall take place in the Law of Marriage with reference to Degrees of Kindred.—From Protestant Inhabitants of Ardagh, against the Present System of National Education, Ireland.—From Parochial Authorities of various Metropolitan Parishes, for the Prevention of Sunday Trading.—From Drogheda and Bettystown, complaining of the Closing of the Railway Station, and praying for Relief.