HL Deb 04 August 1848 vol 100 cc1125-6

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Windsor Castle, and Town Approaches; Highway Rates; Loan Societies; Trustees Relief.

2a Salmon Breed Preservation: Public Works (Ireland) (No. 2).

Reported.—Edinburgh Police (Amendment and Consolidation of Acts, and Police and Sanitary Improvement); Regent's Quadrant Colonnade.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Shipowners, and Others, of Montrose, Middiesborough, and other Places, against any Alteration of the Navigation Laws.—From Great Baddow, Taunton, and several other Places, against the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sundays.—From Places in the County of Lancaster, for the Adoption of a System of Secular Education.—From the Borough of Penryn, against such Provisions of the Public Health Bill as Es- tablish a General Board of Government.—From numerous Tradesmen and Shopkeepers, praying that the Palace Court at Westminster may be Closed, as regards the Recovery of Debts and Demands under Twenty Pounds.—From Teachers, and Others, within the Police Boundaries of the City of Edinburgh, taking notice of the Provisions of the Edinburgh Police Bill, praying that all Buildings solely Occupied for the Purposes of Science or Education may continue to be Exempt from Taxation.—From Little Bowden, and Market Harborough, in favour of the Charity Trust Regulation Bill,