HL Deb 18 April 1848 vol 98 c446

PUBLIC BILLS.—1.a Crown and Government Security.

Reported.—Election Recognisances.

3a and passed, Leases of Mines (Ireland); Removal of Aliens.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From the Borough of Hertford, for the Suppression of Seduction and Prostitution.—From the Magistracy of Hawick, and Farmers in the County of Ross, for the Amendment of the Law of Entail, Scotland.—From the Members of several Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity, for the Extension of the Privileges of the Benefit Societies Act to that Order.—From the Inhabitants of the Burgh of Stirling, for the Adoption of Measures to Extend the same Liberty of Worship to Clergymen voluntarily Seceding from the Established Church, as is enjoyed by other Dissenting Ministers.—From the Right Hon. the Earl of Dundonald, for Inquiry into Certain Plans for the Defences of the Country.—From several Persons, for the Settlement and Liquidation of their Claims for their Services as Witnesses, &c., connected with the Flores Expedition.—From the Poor Law Officers, Birmingham, for to Empower Boards of Guardians to grant Superannuation Allowances to Poor Law Officers.—From Pontefract and Penrith, against any additional Expense being Incurred by Increasing the Naval and Military Establishments.—From High Wycombe, for the Imposition of the Severest Penalties on all those Roman Catholic Priests who shall Denounce Persons from the Altar.—From a Number of Working Men of London, Leeds and other Places for the Enactment of Sanitary Measures.— From the Mayor, Aldermen, and Others, of the Borough of Southampton, for the Abolition of Fees to Magistrates' Clerks.—From the Merchants, Traders, and Others, of Chelsea, for the Removal of Existing Tolls on Waterloo, Southwark, and Vauxhall Bridges.—From the Mayor, Aldermen, and Others, of Southampton, for the Abolition of Grand Juries.—From Merchants, Shipowners, and other Traders, and Operative Coopers of Glasgow and Greenock, against the Sugar Duties Act.—From Planters, Merchants, Tradesmen, and other Persons, of Hanover, Cornwall, and Westmoreland, in the Island of Jamaica, against the Sugar Duties Act.—From Robert Willett, Proprietor of Fiddington House Asylum, for an Alteration of the Lunatic Asylums and Pauper Lunatics Act.—From the Parish Schoolmasters within the Presbytery of Peebles, for an Alteration of the Present System of Parochial Education, Scotland.— From the Guardians, Churchwardens, and Overseers, of the Poor of the Parish of Wincanton Union, for an Alteration of the Poor Laws.—From the Mayor, Aldermen, and Others, of the Borough of Beverley, against any Increase of the Income and Property Tax.