HL Deb 19 November 1847 vol 95 cc8-10

The Royal Commissioners appointed to approve the choice of the Commons were, The LORD PRESIDENT, Lord LANGDALE, Earl GREY, the Earl of AUCKLAND, and Lord CAMPBELL.

Shortly after Two o'clock the Commissioners entered the House, and took their seats in front of the Throne.


directed the Usher of the Black Rod to inform the House of Commons that the Lords Commissioners desired their attendance there immediately.

After the lapse of a few minutes, the Speaker, Mr. Shaw Lefevre, appeared at the bar, attended by the Usher of the Black Rod, and followed by several Members of the House.


then addressed the Royal Commissioners as follows:—I have to acquaint your Lordships that, in obedience to Her Majesty's commands, Her Majesty's faithful Commons have, in the exercise of their undoubted rights and privileges, proceeded to the election of a Speaker; and as the object of their choice, however unworthy, I now submit myself with all humility to Her Majesty's royal pleasure.


said: Mr. Shaw Lefevre, we are commanded by Her Majesty to assure you that Her Majesty is sensible of your ample ability to discharge those important duties which Her Majesty's faithful Commons have elected you to perform, and that Her Majesty most fully approves and confirms their choice.


With the deepest gratitude I bow to the decision of the House of Commons, confirmed as it has been by Her Majesty's gracious approbation. It now becomes my duty, in the name and on behalf of the Commons of the United Kingdom, to lay claim, by humble petition, to those undoubted rights and privileges to which they have been heretofore entitled; more especially freedom from arrest for themselves and their servants, freedom of speech in debate, and free access to Her Majesty whenever occasion may require it; and they beg that Her Majesty will be graciously pleased to put the most favourable construction on all their words and actions; and for myself I have to pray that any error may be attributed to me alone, and not to Her Majesty's faithful Commons.


Mr. Speaker, we have it further in command from Her Majesty to inform you, that Her Majesty most readily confirms all the rights, liberties, and privileges which have ever been granted to or conferred upon Her Majesty's faithful Commons by any of Her Majesty's royal predecessors. With respect to yourself, Sir, although Her Majesty is sensible you stand in no need of any such assurance, we are commanded to assure you that Her Majesty will ever put the most favourable construction on your words and actions, as well as on those of Her faithful Commons.

The Commons then withdrew from the bar, and the Royal Commissioners retired.

House adjourned.

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