HL Deb 14 May 1847 vol 92 c794

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a Service of Heirs (Scotland); Poor Relief Supervision (Ireland); County Buildings; Poor Removal (England and Scotland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Liverpool, complaining of the Vast Influx of Irish Paupers into that Town.—From Leeds and several other places, in favour of the Factories Bill.—From the Parish of Burt, in Ireland, against any Clause being inserted in the Irish Poor Relief Bill which would throw the Responsibility of Supporting the Poor on the Occupying Tenant.-From Tiverton, for Amendment of the Law of Settlement.—From the Ipswich Auxiliary Anti-Slavery Society, against the present Method of hiring Labourers for the Colonies, as tending to perpetuate a Modified System of Slavery.—From Wrangford, for the Repeal of the Poor Removal Act.—From Congregation of the Episcopal Chapel, Charlotte Street, Pimlico, for the Repeal of the Roman Catholic Relief Act.—From Guardians of the North Dublin Union, praying that the Assessments for the Relief of the Poor may be charged on the Unions at large—From Sheffield, for the Enactment of Sanitory Regulations.