HL Deb 29 March 1847 vol 91 c544

PUBLIC BILLS. 1a Indemnity; Commons Inclosure (No. 2).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lord Denman, and other noble Lords, from Nottingham, and several other places, against the Proposed System of Government Education.—From Tagmon, for the Establishment of one Uniform Rate in every Union in Ireland.—From Kingston-upon-Hull, for the Abolition of the Punishment of Death in all cases.—By Lord Ashburton, from the City of London, complaining of the Unsatisfactory State of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws.—By Lord Wharncliffe, from Sheffield, for Alteration of the Law of Settlement, and for a National Rate.—By the Duke of Richmond, from Northampton, for the Repeal of the Poor Removal Act.