HL Deb 15 March 1847 vol 90 c1326

PUBLIC BILLS. Reported.—Consolidated Fund; Loan.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From Portsmouth and other places, for the Total Abolition of Corporal Punishments in the Army and Navy.—From Selby and several other places, against the proposed Plan of Government Education.—From the Hendon Union, for Alteration of the Law of Settlement and for a National Rate.—From Beverley and other places, for the Repeal of the Poor Removal Act.—From Guardians of the Saint Germans' Union, for the Adoption of a Measure making the Landlords of Tenements not exceeding Six Pounds liable to the Poor's Rate.—From Justices of the Peace of Kings-ton-upon-Hull, for a Committee to Inquire into the State of Criminal Offenders, especially Juveniles, with a view to ascertain the best Means for the Reformation of Criminals, and for their Restoration to Society.—From the Grand Jury of the South Riding of the County of Tipperary, for some Enactment that will prevent the Indiscriminate Sale of Fire Arms; and for the Adoption of a more Extensive System of Railways in Ireland.—From Ballymackney and several other places in Ireland, for the Introduction of such Legislative Measure as will afford to the People of Ireland the Means of Emigrating to one of the Colonies.