HL Deb 24 June 1847 vol 93 c836

Sat first.— The Lord Ponsonby, after the Death of his Father.

PUBLIC BILLS. 3a and passed:—Cemeteries Clauses; Out-Pensioners (Chelsea and Greenwich); Collection of Duties (Port Natal); Destitute Persons (Ireland) (No. 2); Punishment of Vagrants (Ireland); Turnpike Acts Continuance; Van Diemen's Land Company; British American Land Company.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Earl of Radnor, from Metropolitan Householders and others, in favour of the Health of Towns Bill.—By the Archbishop of Dublin, from Dublin, for Inquiry into the Principles of the Mendicity Society (Dublin).—From the Principal and Professors of the College of Glasgow, and others, praying to be heard by Counsel against the Trinity College (Scotland) Incorporation and Estate Bill.

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