HL Deb 29 April 1847 vol 92 c58

PUBLIC BILLS. 2a Poor Relief (Ireland) Landed Property (Ireland).

Reported.—Commons Inclosure (No. 2); Prisons (Ireland). 3a and passed:—Harbours, Docks, and Piers Clauses.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Karl Fitzwilliam, from Sheffield, in favour of the Proposed Government Plan of Education; and from Howden, and a great number of other places, against the same measure.—From York, in favour of an Irish Poor Law, placing the Poor in Ireland on the same footing with the Poor in England.—From Cloyne, and Ross, for the Adoption of the Proposed Government Measure for ensuring the People of Ireland a sufficient Supply of Food to save them from Starvation.—From Coleraine, for the Adoption of a Measure to se- cure to the Improving Tenant a sufficient Permanency of Tenure of the Land in Ireland, and a right to Compensation for Permanent Improvements.