HL Deb 15 April 1847 vol 91 cc810-1

presented a petition from the parishes of St. Andrew, Holborn, and St. George the Martyr, on the subject of the immigration of pauper Irish. The petitioners compared the amount of the rates to which they had been subjected before the 1st of December last, with those levied subsequently, showing an enormous increase. They added that nine out of ten of the poor relieved were from the sister kingdom, and that those paupers were brought over by a sort of contract, entered into in seaport towns by people who were very naturally anxious to get rid of the grievance themselves. He (Lord Brougham) would add that he had that morning received a letter from Liverpool, stating that the influx of Irish paupers was still increasing, and that the number arrived on Sunday last was 3,714, and next day the number which arrived was 2,486, making a total of 6,200 in two days. When he had first addressed their Lordships upon the subject, the complaint was that the influx amounted to 800 or 900 daily, but it was now 3,000 a day. He thought that some permanent measure on this subject would best be discussed after the cessation of the pressure. Temporary grievances should be met by temporary expedients, and they ought not to discuss permanent measures under the pressure of present circumstances.

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