HL Deb 14 May 1846 vol 86 cc536-7

Sat first. The Lord Mendip, after the Death of his Father.

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a. Election Notices (Ireland).

2a. Polling Places (Ireland).

Received the Royal Assent. Exchequer Bills; Indemnity; Insolvent Debtors (India); Commons Inclosure; Burghs (Scotland).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Bishop of Hereford, from Bruton, Hereford, and Blandford Forum, for the Better Observance of, and for the Prevention of the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on, the Sabbath.—By the Earl of Powis, from Clergy of Buckingham, and a great number of other places, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor, but in favour of the Appointment of a Bishop to the See of Manchester.—From Attorneys and Solicitors of Beverley, against the Real Property Deeds Registration Bill.—By Lord Campbell, from Members of the Society for the Improvement of Ireland irrespective of Sect or Party, for an Inquiry into the Fiscal Relations of England and Ireland.—By Lord Cottenham, and other noble Lords, from a great number of places, against the Charitable Trusts Bill.—From Edinburgh, and several other places, praying that a Bill may be passed for compensating Proprietors of Lands for the Purchase of Sites for Free Churches (Scotland).—From Higham, Westerfield, and Stevenage, for the Protection of Agriculture.—From Thomas William Dawson, on behalf of the Church and Congregation of Protestant Dissenters of Bethlehem Chapel, Richmond, in favour of the Charitable Trusts Bill,—From Guardians of the Ledbury Union, for the Adoption of a Measure making the Landlords of Small Tenements where the Rents are under £6 liable to the Poor Rates.—From the Lismore Board of Guardians, for the Adoption of a Measure for the Better Suppression of Vagrancy, and for further Regulations in regard to the Vaccination of the Poor.—From Physicians and Surgeons of the King's County, Queen's County, and Tipperary, complaining of inadequate Remuneration for their Services, and for Relief.—From Cork, for the Better Regulation and more Efficient Support of Medical Charities (Ireland).—By the Marquess of Normanby, from the Hull Chamber of Commerce, in favour of the Principles of Free Trade.—By Earl Fortescue, from Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Waterford, for Alteration of the Irish Municipal Franchise, and to assimilate the same to the Law of England.—By Earl Fortescue, from the Archbishop and Secular Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church in Dublin, for Repeal of Disabilities affecting the Regulars or Clergy bound by Monastic Vows.