HL Deb 25 June 1846 vol 87 c937

PUBLIC BILLS.—1a. Waste Lands (Australia).

2a. Vexatious Actions, Protection against; County Works Presentments (Ireland).

Reported. Corresponding Societies and Lecture Rooms.

3a. and passed. Corn Importation; Customs Duties.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Bishop of Hereford, from Hereford, and several other places, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor, but in favour of the Appointment of a Bishop to the See of Manchester.—By Lord Kinnaird, from Lewisham, stating that the Provisions of the Metropolitan Buildings Act are productive of Litigation, and operate by Vexatious Restrictions as a Barrier to useful and benevolent Enterprize in Building, and complaining of the excessive Rate of Fees authorized by the Act.—From Guardians of the Hollingborn and Sevenoaks Unions, for the Adoption of a Measure making the Landlords of Cottages where the Rents are under £6 liable to the Poor Rates.