HL Deb 26 May 1845 vol 80 cc826-7

BILLS. Public. — 1a. Real Property Deeds Registration.

2a. Ecclesiastical Courts Consolidation; Calico Print Works; Railway Clauses Consolidation (Scotland) (No. 2).

Private.—1a. Whittle Dean Waterworks; Standard Life Assurance Company; Nottingham Waterworks; Glasgow Bridges.

Reported.—Southampton Docks; Scarborough Water; Hungerford and Lambeth Suspension Bridge.

3a. and passed:—Royal Naval School.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Duke of Grafton, Bishops of Worcester, Gloucester, Winchester, St. David's, Cashel, Llandaff, Durham, and London, Earl of Mountcashel, Winchilsea, Cawdor, and Brownlow, Marquess of Breadalbane, and by Lords Redesdale, Kenyon, Farnham, Feversham, and Monteagle, from Godnestone, and an immense number of other places, against Increase of Grant to Maynooth Collage.—By Lords Dacre, and Campbell, from the Lord Mayor and others of the City of London, and from the Governors of St. Bartholomew's Hospital and others, praying to be heard by Counsel against the Charitable Trusts BillFrom Guardians of Bandon Union, and Ratepayers of the Navan Electoral Division, for Alteration of Bastardy Clause of the Poor Law Act (Ireland).—From Guardians of Cootehill Union, for Inquiry into the Operation of the Poor Law Act (Ireland).—From Wellington, for the better Observance of the Sabbath—From Chobham, for the better Regulation of Beer Houses, especially on the Sabbath.—By Lord Brougham, from Commissioners of the Court of Requests for Stockport, Brinnington, Edgeley, and Brinksway, for Repeal of Insolvent Debtors Act Amendment Act. — By the Lord Chancellor, and by Lords Brougham, and Stanley, from Incumbent of Eau, Tunbridge Wells, and from Merchants and others of Manchester, and 3 other places, in favour of the Increase of Grant to Maynooth College.—From Portadown, for Inquiry into the Course of Instruction adopted at Maynooth.—By Marquess of Normanby, from Manchester, and by Lord Faversham, from Mayor and others of the City of York, for the adoption of Sanatory Regulations in populous Districts.—From Romaldkirk, for Revision and Alteration of Rubrics, Canons, and Laws of the Church.—By Earl Manners, from Nottingham, against the Nottingham Inclosure Bill.—From Kintyre, and 3 other places, for Improving the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).—From Carshalton, and 4 other places, in favour of the Calico Print Works Bill.—From Selkirk, Melrose, and Hawick, against the present practice of Granting Spirit Licenses to Toll Houses (Scotland).