HL Deb 05 May 1845 vol 80 c157

On the Motion that the House do now resolve itself into Committee,

The Duke of Richmond

moved an Amendment to leave out "now," and insert "this day six months."

Original Motion affirmed. House in Committee.

The Duke of Richmond

said, he had some Amendments to move. The noble Lord (Lord Monteagle) had said, that when the manufacturing interest flourished, the agricultural interest prospered too. He had felt that to be the case under the old system; but what was the case now? Was there ever a time in which the manufacturer was better off? Wheat was now 45s., and that was not a remunerating price to the farmer. Then calculations were made of the number of live cattle imported, which, it was said, could not injure the agriculturists; but look at the prices. Quotations from Parliamentary Returns proved nothing; they were wrong from beginning to end. He said, "Do not talk of theories and calculations; look at the market prices." Then with regard to the Canada Corn Bill; did we get only Canada corn in this country? American wheat was ground in Canada, and sent over as Canadian flour, and thus the United States had greater privileges over our own Colonies. In the last Tariff some duties were put on, and now some were to be taken off, so that nobody knew how they stood. The Government ought not to have overthrown the farmers in this way, but should have given them every facility and inducement to cultivate and improve their lands, which could not be expected under the circumstances produced by the introduction of all these new measures; the effect of which, coupled with the refusal of the Government to relieve them of a portion of the county rate, would oblige the great body of the agricultural interest of this country to make a serious war against the malt tax, which he believed his noble Friend would find it difficult to resist.

Amendments negatived without division.

Bill reported.

House adjourned.