HL Deb 16 June 1845 vol 81 cc532-3

BILLS. Public. — 1a. Bishops' Patronage (Ireland).

2a. Schoolmasters (Scotland).

3a. and passed:—Maynooth College (Ireland).

Private.—1a. Dundee Waterworks; Harwell and Streatly Road; Leeds and Thirsk Railway; Newcastle and Darlington (Brandling Junction) Railway; Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway; Taw Vale Railway and Dock; Blackburn and Preston Railway; Waterford and Kilkenny Railway; Reversionary Interest Society; Agricultural and Commercial Bank of Ireland; Kendal Reservoirs; Sheffield and Rotherham Railway; Severn's Estate; Lord Barrington's Estate.

2a. Manchester Court of Record: Manchester Improvement; Newcastle-upon-Tyne Coal Turn; Southampton and Dorchester Railway.

Reported.—Dunstable and Birmingham and London Railway; Brighton, Lewes, and Hastings Railway (Keymer Branch); Belfast and Ballymena Railway; Yoker Road; Leicester Freemen's Allotments; Lady Sandy's (Turner's) Estate; York and Scarborough Railway Deviation.

3a. and passed:—Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington and Colne Extension Railway; Leeds, Dewsbury and Manchester Railway; Glasgow Markets; Stokinchurch Road; Rochdale Vicarage (Molesworth's) Estate; Huddersfield and Sheffield Junction Railway; Chester and Holyhead Railway; Leeds and Bradford Railway Extension (Shipley to Colne); Watermen's Company Endowment.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Bishops of Winchester, and Llandaff, Earls of Winchilsea and Roden, and by the Marquess of Breadalbane, from Stewartstown, and a great number of other places, against Increase of Grant to Maynooth College.—From Saint Ives, in favour of Increase of Grant to Maynooth College.—From Bishop and Clergy of Clogher, and from Castledermot, for Inquiry into Course of Instruction adopted at Maynooth College.—From King's Lynn, against Law of Debtor and Creditor.—From Guardians of Trim Union, against Poor Law (Ireland) Act, respecting the Repayment of Money advanced for Building Workhouses.—From Trustees of Turnpike Roads of County of Selkirk, for the Insertion of Clause in the Turnpike Roads (Scotland) Amendment Act.—By the Duke of Buccleuch, from Ministers aud Elders of the Church of Scotland, met in General Assembly, for Improving the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).—From Galashiels, for the Insertion of Clause in the Hawick Railway Bill, to prevent the Running of Trains on the Sabbath.—From Manhood, against the Running of Railway Trains on the Sabbath.