HL Deb 09 June 1845 vol 81 c203

BILLS. Public.—1a. Tenants Compensation (Ireland).

2a. Canal Companies Tolls; Canal Companies Carriers.

Reported. — Death by Accidents Compensation; Bail in Error.

3a. and passed:—Small Debts.

Private.—1a. Claughton-cum-Grange (St. Andrew's) Church; Claughton-cum-Grange (St. John the Baptist's) Church; Kidwelly Inclosure; Brighton, Lewes, and Hastings Railway (Keymer Branch); Belfast and Ballymena Railway.

2a. Scottish Central Railway; Leicester (Freemen's) Allotments; Glasgow Markets.

Reported.—Standard Life Assurance Company; Nottingham Waterworks; Cromer (Norfolk) Protection from the Sea; Wilts, Somerset, and Weymouth Railway; Dunstable and Birmingham and London Railway; York and North Midland Railway (Bridlington Branch); Bedford and London Railway; York and Scarborough Railway Deviation Eastern Counties Railway (Ely and Whittlesea Deviation); Exeter and Crediton Railway; Midland Railways (Nottingham to Lincoln); Chester Improvement; Spoad Inclosure; Whittle Dean Water works.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. From West Ham, and 4 other places, for the Establishment of Local Courts.—By the Bishop of London, Duke of Rutland, Earls Fitzwilliam, Bandon, Warwick, Radnor, and Winchilsea, Marquesses of Clanricarde, and Breadalbane, the Lord Chancellor, and by Lords Farnham, Redesdale, Stanley, Brougham, and Kenyon, from Clergy and others of Upper Hardras, and numerous other places, against Increase of Grant to Maynooth College—From Association at Bath, and from Killbridge, for Encouragement to Schools in connexion with Church Education Society (Ireland).—From Cranwall, against the Union of St. Asaph and Bangor, but in favour of the Appointment of a Bishop of Manchester.—From Trustees of several Turnpike Roads, for the Insertion of a Clause in Railway Bills to compel Railway Companies, under certain circumstances, to make Compensation to Turnpike Trusts.—By the Earl of Zetland, from Provost, Magistrates, and others, of Kirk wall, for Abolishing Religious Tests in Scotch Universities.—From Minister, Elders, and others, of the Parish of St. James, Glasgow, against the Universities (Scotland) Bill.—By Lord Redesdale, from Sadlers of the City of London, and from the Master, Pilots, and Seamen, of the Corporation of Trinity House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for Exempting certain Charities from Provisions of Charitable Trusts Bill.—From Wray, and Bolton, in favour of the Charitable Trusts Bill.—From St. John Mason, Barrister-at-Law, for the Adoption of Measures for Converting Estates for Lives, renewable for ever into Perpetuities.—From Freemen and Freemen's. Widows of Leicester, in favour of the Leicester Freemen's Allotments.—From Journeymen Tailors of Bolton, for Inquiry into the Sanatory Condition of their Trade.—From Commissioners of Court of Requests for Westminster, and from Inhabitants of Portland Town, against the Insolvent Debtors Act Amendment Act. — From Inhabitants of Perth, complaining of Contemplated Railway Encroachments upon the part of the Pleasure Grounds of the People, and praying for Protection.—By Lord Stanley, from Presbyterians of Carrickfergus, and from Toxteth, in favour of Increase of Grant to Maynooth College.—From Barrow, and Selkirk, for the Suppression of Intemperance.—From Inhabitants of Nottingham, against Nottingham Inclosure Bill.—From Rev. W. Spark, Moderator, and from Members of the Presbytery of Kirkway, Orkney, for Improving the Condition of Schoolmasters (Scotland).