HL Deb 03 July 1845 vol 81 cc1429-30
Lord Brougham

, in moving the Order of the Day for taking into consideration the Resolutions of which he had given notice, said, he had to inform their Lordships, that upon the subject of the Resolutions which he submitted to their Lordships on Tuesday last, a most satisfactory conference had taken place with the Committee of the House of Commons; and it was found that that Committee had resolved to report to the other House of Parliament seven Resolutions which were entirely in accordance with the terms of the three Resolutions which he had proposed for their Lordships' adoption. His Lordship then moved the Resolutions, with Amendments:—

  1. "1. That in all future Sessions, after any Road or Canal or Railway or Dock Bill shall be read a First Time, and before any further Proceeding thereupon, there be deposited in the Office of the Clerk of the Parliaments a Statement of the Length and Breadth of the Space which is intended or sought to be taken for the proposed Works, and to give up which the Consent of the Owners of the Land has not been obtained; together with the Names of such Owners, and the Heights above the Surface of all proposed Works on the Ground of each such Owner.
  2. "2. That a Return shall also be presented at the same Time of the Names of the Owners or Occupiers of any Houses situated within Three hundred Yards of the proposed Works, who shall have, before the Thirty-first December preceding the Introduction of the Bill into Parliament, deposited written Objections to the said Railway with the public Officer appointed to receive the Plans of the said Railway within the Parish or Township in which their Property is situate; or, if the Railway should not be proposed to be carried through that Parish or Township, in the one through which the Railway is to pass in the Manner objected to by the above-mentioned Parties.
  3. "3. That where any Party or Parties have appeared and contested any such Bills at the Bar or in the Committees of the House, it shall be lawful for the House or Committees, if in their Discretion they shall think fit, to direct the Expenses of such Party or Parties to be paid by the opposite Party promoting the Bill."

Two first Resolutions carried. The third postponed.

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