HL Deb 28 April 1845 vol 79 cc1368-9
The Marquess of Clanricarde

then moved, for— A Return of all the Railway Projects submitted to the consideration of the Board of Trade; showing the Date at which each such Project was received; and specifying those upon which the Board of Trade have reported to Parliament. He observed, that he had no intention of making any remarks as to the Motion, which he presumed the Government would at once agree to; but he wished to ask the noble Earl a question, respecting a railway which received the sanction of the Legislature last year—the Dublin and Cashel. The Act authorizing that railway was passed almost by acclamation by both Houses; but in their hurry—of which, so far, he did not at all complain, as he thought highly of the railway—both Houses omitted to take steps for preventing the directors from passing the line injuriously over the Curragh of Kildare. A parole assurance, however, was given by the directors to the Board of Woods and Forests, and to the parties concerned in the course, that the Curragh should be respected by the directors, and no injury be done to the buildings or to the course. Within the last few days, however, he had received information that the directors had manifested signs of departing from the assurance then given, and of running their line so as to injure the course and interfere with the sports. He wished to know whether the Government had heard anything of the matter, and if so, whether they had taken steps for keeping the directors of the railway to their word?

The Earl of Dalhousie

, in answer, stated that the ranger of the course had obtained a written engagement within the last few days from Sir John M'Neill, the engineer to the company, with reference to the course to be taken by the line, which he (the Earl of Dalhousie) believed would be satisfactory to the noble Marquess and all concerned and interested in the preservation of the Curragh; and the Commissioners of Woods and Forests would keep their attention directed to the subject, and take care that the engagement was acted upon. As to the noble Marquess's Motion, he had no objection to it.

Returns ordered. House adjourned.