HL Deb 05 September 1844 vol 76 cc1997-9
The Lord Chancellor,

having taken his seat at the foot of the Throne, together with the other Lords Commissioners, viz. — the Lord President of the Council (Lord Wharncliffe), the Lord Privy Seal (the Duke of Buccleugh), the Duke of Wellington, Earl Delawarr, and the Earl of Dalhousie — directed the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod to require the attendance of the Commons who haying appeared preceded by their Speaker, and the Royal Assent having been given by Commission to some Bills,


on behalf of the LORDS COMMISSIONERS, delivered the following Speech,

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

WE are commanded by Her Majesty, in relieving you from further Attendance in Parliament, to express to you the warm Acknowledgments of Her Majesty, for the Zeal and Assiduity with which you have applied yourselves to the Discharge of your Public Duties during a laborious and protracted Session.

The Result has been the Completion of many Legislative Measures, calculated to improve the Administration of the Law, and to promote the Public Welfare.

Her Majesty has given Her cordial Assent to the Bill which you presented to Her Majesty, for regulating the Issue of Bank Notes, and for conferring certain Privileges upon the Bank of England for a limited Period.

Her Majesty trusts that these Measures will tend to place the pecuniary Transactions of the Country upon a sounder Basis, without imposing any inconvenient Restrictions on Commercial Credit or Enterprize.

We are directed to inform you that Her Majesty continues to receive from Her Allies, and from all Foreign Powers, Assurances of their friendly Disposition.

Her Majesty has recently been engaged in Discussions with the Government of the King of the French, on Events calculated to interrupt the good Understanding and friendly Relations between this Country and France; you will rejoice to learn that, by the Spirit of Justice and Moderation which has animated the Two Governments, this Danger has been happily averted.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

WE are commanded by Her Majesty to thank you for the Readiness with which you voted the Supplies for the Service of the Year.

Her Majesty has observed with the utmost Satisfaction that by the Course to which you have steadily adhered in maintaining inviolate the Public Faith, and inspiring a just Confidence in the Stability of the National Resources, you have been enabled to make a considerable Reduction in the Annual Charge on account of the Interest of the Public Debt.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

HER Majesty desires us to congratulate you on the Improvement which has taken place in the Condition of our Manufactures and Commerce, and on the Prospect that, through the Bounty of Divine Providence, we shall enjoy the Blessing of an abundant Harvest.

Her Majesty rejoices in the Belief, that on your Return to your several Districts you will find generally prevailing throughout the Country a Spirit of Loyalty and cheerful Obedience to the Law.

Her Majesty is confident that these Dispositions so important to the peaceful Development of our Resources, and to our National Strength, will be confirmed and encouraged by your Presence and Example.

We are commanded by Her Majesty to assure you, that, when you shall be called upon to resume the Discharge of your Parliamentary Functions, you may place entire Reliance on the cordial Co-operation of Her Majesty in your Endeavours to improve the social Condition, and to promote the Happiness and contentment of Her People. Commission for proroguing the Parliament read.


My Lords and Gentleman, By Virtue of Her Majesty's Commission, under the Great Seal, to us and other Lords directed, and now read, we do, in Her Majesty's Name, and in obedience to Her Commands, prorogue this Parliament to Thursday, the 10th day of October next, to be then here holden; and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Thursday, the 10th day of October, next.