HL Deb 22 July 1844 vol 76 c1163

On the Motion of Lord Wharncliffe, this Bill was read a third time according to Order. Several amendments having been inserted, on the Motion of Lord Wharncliffe,

Lord Monteagle

expressed his cordial thanks to the Government for this Bill, which, in its present form, would be in the highest degree satisfactory to the Roman Catholic population of Ireland. He would take this opportunity, also, of offering to the Government his earnest thanks for the declaration which, in another place, they had, with so much courage and honesty, made of their intentions with reference to the promotion of education in Ireland on liberal and comprehensive principles, embracing the academical education there of the middle and higher classes of the Roman Catholics, and, above all, the improved education of the Roman Catholic Clergy, the enabling the College of Maynooth to extend its sphere of usefulness. The declaration thus made by the Government entitled it to the gratitude, not only of the Roman Catholics, but also to that of the Protestants of Ireland.

The Bill then passed.