HL Deb 05 August 1844 vol 76 c1714

BILLS. Public. — 1a. Arms (Ireland); Post Office Offences Amendment.

2a. Merchant Seamen: Fisheries (Ireland); South Sea Company.

Reported.—Slaughtering Horses; Consolidation Fund (Appriation); Spirits (Ireland); Woods and Forests Accounts; Grand Canal (Ireland); Piccadilly Improvement; Controverted Elections; Clerks to Attorneys; Salmon Fisheries (Scotland); Savings' Banks.

3a. and passed:—Militia Pay; Duchy of Cornwall Lands; Criminal Justice (Middlesex); Customs (New South Wales); Books and Engravings; Municipal Corporations.

Private.Reported. — Tralee Navigation and Harbour; Paisley General Gas.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By Lord Redesdale, from Lichfield, and several other places, for Protection to Agriculture.—From Connty of Nottingham, for Inquiry into the Renewal of Leases by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.—From Inhabitants of Sudbury, to be allowed Expenses in employing Counsel against the Sudbury Disfranchisement Bill.—By Bishop of Exeter, from Kensington, and Stone, against the Poor Law Amendment Bill.