HL Deb 31 July 1843 vol 71 c1

BILLS. Public.—la. Coroners Inquests Expences; Universities and Colleges (Scotland).

Committed.—Cathedral Churches (Wales).

Reported.—Public Works (Ireland); Stock in Trade Act Continuance; Controverted Elections; Slave Trade Acts Continuance; Bills of Exchange Act Continuance; Militia Ballots Suspension.

3a. and passed:—Loan Societies Act Continuance; Bridges (Ireland).

Private.—2a. Liverpool Docks; Leicester and Peterborough Road.

Reported.—Deptford Poor and Improvement; Cromford and Belper Road.

3a. and passed:—Infant Orphan Asylum; Burry, etc., Navigation (No. 2).

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Duke of Cleveland, from the Bath Church of England Lay Association, for the Establishment of a Bishop of Manchester.—By Lord Campbell, from Carrickmaelim, for Altering the Law relating to Protestant Marriages in Ireland,—By Earl Fortescue, from Lord Oranmore, for the Sale of all Church Property in Ireland.

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