HL Deb 04 July 1843 vol 70 c565

NEW MEMBER SWORN. — Earl of Abergavenny.

BILLS. Public.—1a. Grand Jury Presentments (Ireland).

Reported. —Wheat, etc., Canada; Salmon Fisheries.

3a, and passed:—Chelsea Hospital.

Received the Royal Assent.—Sugar Duties; Roman Catholic Oath (Ireland).

Private.—1a. Lagan Navigation.

Reported.—Milne's Free School; Maryport and Carlisle Railway; Lough Foyle Drainage; Tay Ferries; Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway; Eglwys-rhos Inclosure; Burry Navigation.

3a. and passed:—Morris's Estate; Aberdeen Harbour.

Received the Royal Assent.—Drumpeller Railway (No. 2); Northampton and Peterborough Railway; South Eastern and London and Croydon Railway (Bricklayers Arms Extension); Borrowstownness Harbour; Southampton Docks; Southampton Cemetery; Topsham Improvement; Mildenhall Drainage; Leighton Bussard Inclosure.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Earl of Radnor, from Kent for the Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By the Earl of Chichester, from the Clergy of Chichester, for an Alteration of the Law relative to Tithes.—From a number of places, against the Canada Corn Bill.—From the Clergy of Warwick and Worcester, for Altering the Law relating to the Burial Service.—From Hollingbourn Union, against the Beer Act, and for altering the Law regulating the rating of Small Tenements.—From a number of Clergymen, for an improved Church Government.