HL Deb 17 August 1843 vol 71 cc907-8

The House in committee on the Coal-whippers Bill.

The Marquess of Clanricarde

objected to the 44th clause which he was afraid might interfere with employing mechanical means to unload colliers, and with some patent rights. Several inventions for this purpose had been brought before the public, and some of them had been patented, and he should regret if any impediment were placed in the way of an improved method of unloading colliers, which would dispense altogether with coal-whippers, or injure ingenious men.

The Earl of Dalhousie

said, that he thought the noble Marquess, in referring to the terms of the clause, would be satisfied that the provisions of this bill would not extend to certain inventions for discharging coals from ships for which a patent had been taken out, and to which he believed reference had now been made. The bill was applicable only to the discharging of coals by the "process of whipping," and in the 44th clause, the meaning of the term whipping, was fully and explicitly defined. He thought, that it was perfectly clear that the operation of this bill did not extend to any patent mode of discharging coals, but was applicable only to that particular process which could answer in all respects to the terms of the definition contained in the clause. He could state on the part of those who had framed and introduced this measure, that they were convinced that from the very terms of the bill, its operation could not extend to such patent inventions—it certainly was not their intention that it should do so, and in point of that fact the clause in question had been introduced expressly for the purpose of making it clear, that the bill was not intended to apply to these patent inventions. He thought, that those who were concerned in the patent would find that their interests would not be affected by this bill; but if it should prove to be otherwise, steps would be taken by which the intentions of the framers of the measure, should be carried into full effect.

Bill went through committee.

House resumed. Bill reported, and ordered to be read a third time.

Adjourned at nine o'clock.