HL Deb 14 June 1842 vol 63 c1513
The Duke of Wellington

moved that the House resolve itself into a committee on the Property-tax Bill.

The Earl of Radnor

wished to be informed whether the debate on this bill would be taken on Friday.

The Duke of Wellington:

According to the arrangement the debate would be taken on Friday.

Lord Redesdale

suggested that it would be convenient that the resolutions which the noble Marquess (the Marquess of Lansdowne) intended to move should be laid on the Table.

Viscount Duncannon

had no objection to lay the resolutions on the Table; they were as follow:— That while this House is unwilling to obstruct the progress of measures calculated to supply the present deficiencies of the public income, and make it fully adequate to meet the public charges, it cannot refrain from recording its opinion that a judicious alteration of the duties affecting corn, sugar, and timber, would have greatly diminished the amount of additional taxation required by the exigencies of the State, and would, at the same time, from its effect in increasing the comforts of all classes, and lessening the privations of the great body of the people, together with such additions as might have been obtained from some other sources, have been preferable to a tax on income in the present circumstances of the country.

Bill passed through committee, and was reported without amendment.

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