HL Deb 25 July 1842 vol 65 cc568-9

MINUTES.] BILLS. Public.—1a Manchester, Birmingham, and Bolton Police.

2a.Exchequer Bills Preparation; Licensed Lunatic Asylums; Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Customs' Acts Amendment; South Australia.

Committed.—Mines and Collieries; Linen Manufactures (Ireland); Prisons.

3aand passed:—London Bridge Approaches Fund; New South Wales; Military Savings Banks; Chelsea Hospital; District Courts and Prisons.

Private.—Reported.—Southwark Improvement (No. 2);Duke of Buckingham's Estate; Hele's Charity.

3a. and passed:—Sewell's Divorce.

PETITIONS PRESENTED. By the Earl of Ripon, from Marylebone; by the Earls of Wicklow and Clarendon. and the Marquess of Clanricarde, from Miners and Colliers of Thornley, Kirkburton, Thornhill, Lepton, and Whitley, Breistfield and Emley, and Middleton and Thornhill Edge, in favour of the Mines and Collieries Bill.—By the Earl of Clancarty, from Ballinasloe, against any further grant to Maynooth.—From John Turner, not to appropriate Grants for Musical Education to any System.—From St. Mary's, Truro, and from Houghtonle-Spring, against parts of the Poor-law Amendment Bill.